Bus Ministry

The United Church has a bus ministry for those that need transportation to and from our church. To ride the bus, simply call the number below and we will be glad to add you to our schedule (for those living outside the city limits, we may not be able to pick you up due to time constraints). The bus is for all ages, but children 4 & under must be accompanied by an adult. The bus is available for the following services:
Sunday Morning- the bus will “pick up” prior to Sunday School (8:45) and “take home” after the Worship (approximately 11:15).
Sunday Evening- 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday Evening- 7:00 p.m.
Call 256-4704 or 255-2015

United Men’s Group

Our United Men’s Group ministry is a ministry for men. We meet once per month and frequently plan activities such as a men’s breakfast, camping trips, wild game dinners, golfing, etc.

masters_menThe United Men’s Group department exists to accomplish the following five stated purposes:
Fellowship Men need the examples and encouragement other men can provide. One of the greatest benefits of our United Men’s Group is the relationships that develop because of a common commitment to the person of Jesus Christ.
Discipleship Our United Men’s Group facilitates the spiritual growth of men. The teaching of the Word of God calls men to intimacy with God, purity of life, leadership in the home, faithful worship, mentoring others, commitment to the mission of the church, prayer for the pastors, and a burden to share the gospel.
Stewardship United Men are taught to financially support the ministry of the church and denomination. United Men’s Group also learn that stewardship is not just the giving of their money to the Lord’s work, but it is the giving of their live to advance Christ’s kingdom.
Soul-Winning United Men’s Group will seek to mobilize the men of our denomination out of spiritual passivity in order to influence their families, communities, and workplaces with the life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Edification United Men’s Group equips men to serve the Lord and the church. United Men’s Group seeks to develop men into spiritual leaders. As men grow and take responsibility in the church, the pastors are freed to focus on prayer and the preaching of God’s Word.

Women Nationally Active for Christ (WNAC)

Our WNAC ministry is a ministry for women. We meet once per month and frequently plan activities such as a Mother’s Day Banquet, Valentine Auction, Bake Sales, Nursing Home Visitations, etc.
wacCurrently, our officers are: Sister Sonya McGinley – President Sisters Melissa McMurtrey, Angie Garner, & Sara Beck – Secretary/Treasurers Sis. Lida Wallace- Missions Sis. Lorine Gannon, Prayer
The purpose of WNAC is to lead women of the Free Will Baptist Church into a greater part in the winning of the world to Christ and to provide opportunity for women to understand and fulfill the Great Commission through their responsibilities in the family, in the church, in the community, and in the world.
For we are labourers together with God… 1 Cor. 3:9


Quilting Ladies Circle

QUILTING LADIES RESIZED(1)The Quilting Ladies Circle is a ministry of our church where a group of ladies come together to make quilts to give to families in need, whether from burnouts, or just hard times. They also do quilts for people for a donation. Most of their supplies are donated so only about 1% of the money that is donated is used to buy supplies. The rest of the money is used for Missions, Church Camp, buying the Christian Flag for the church, and various other ministry projects. In addition to quilts for those in need they have donated quilts, lap robes, pillows and other items to the Care Centers, Christian Radio Station, and other organizations and fundraisers. This group of ladies loves what they are doing and most of all they love the Lord. This is a Ministry not only by them but also for them, by allowing them the chance to help others the way God commands us to do.

The Quilting Ladies Circle would like to invite all ladies (regardless of age or sewing abilities) to come join them on Tuesday mornings from 8-12 noon for a time of fellowship and ministry work.


DOVES Ministry

DOVES GROUPThe Devoted Obedient Victorious Energetic Saints (DOVES) (aka Department Of Very Elderly Saints) Ministry’s purpose is to Unite the Seniors of our Church into a closely knit Family of God.  This purpose is fulfilled through monthly activities such as eating out at local restaurants and planned trips for “age appropriate” entertainment.  Our trips have included “The Branson Scenic Railroad”, the “Stained Glass Theatre” in Ozark, the “Showboat Branson Belle Cruise”, “Fantastic Caverns” ride through cave in Springfield, “Joseph, The Musical” in Branson, and “The Cave Restaurant” in Richland, Mo.  In addition, we have gone as a group to Gospel Music Concerts featuring the Booth Brothers, Karen Peck and New River and the Mark Trammell Quartet and we attend the Missouri Free Will Baptist State Association Senior Retreat (age 55 or over requirement) every May.

The DOVES also have sponsored activities to support the church outside of the DOVES.  Some of these have included a “Widows and Widowers Dinner”, a “Birthday Bash” dessert fellowship, and “Easter Baskets” for home bound shut-ins and nursing home residents.  The DOVES have also worked to raise money in support of Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Being a United Family of God not only allows us to participate in the activities listed above, but enables us to provide support for each other in times of need.

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